Vibing High!

Vibing High!

Are you feeling low? Exhausted and worn out? Wishing for a better, brighter tomorrow but feeling like life has been dragging you down? Well, what if I told you that you can make positive changes to your life just by vibrating at a higher frequency! Welcome to Vibing High!, where we teach the science behind our auras, different ways to raise our frequency, how chakras relate and how to protect against negative energy. We will also be talking about the positive effects of high vibration on our immune system and happiness, as well as understanding the spiritual aspect of raising your vibes. Plus - energy really is contagious! Join us on this journey in discovering the power within us all through finding – and sticking with – high frequency living. You won’t believe what changes come when we are vibrating at a higher level!

The Science Behind Auras

The science behind auras is quite fascinating! Auras are a form of electromagnetic energy that surrounds us and reflects our health, moods, thoughts and even intentions. This energy can be measured using specialized equipment such as Kirlian photography or biofeedback devices. Our aura’s color, size and shape change depending on the current state of mind we are in. To understand it better, think of an invisible bubble surrounding us which reveals what kind of energy we are emitting into the universe around us!

Our aura has seven layers that relate to our chakras - Root Chakra (red), Sacral Chakra (orange), Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow), Heart Chakra (green/pink/light blue), Throat Chakra (turquoise/blue) Third Eye Chakra(indigo blue) Crown Chakara(violet). Each layer vibrates at different frequencies with its own unique characteristics, allowing us to tap into different parts of ourselves from spiritual awareness to emotional understanding. By working on each one individually we can begin to see patterns in how they interact with each other – this allows for deeper insight and clarity about who we truly are! When these layers work together harmoniously then you will feel balanced and energized throughout your day-to-day life!

How Chakras Relate

Chakras are energy centers that exist within the body and their connection to our overall vitality is undeniable. There are seven main chakras located along the spine, each one relating to a different aspect of life. The Root Chakra (red) relates to security and survival needs; Sacral Chakra (orange) connects with emotions and creativity; Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) represents personal power and identity; Heart Chakra (green/pink/light blue) links us with love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding for others as well as ourselves; Throat Chakra (turquoise/blue) is responsible for communication, expression of truth & alignment with inner wisdom; Third Eye Chakra(indigo blue), governs intuition & insight; Crown Chakara(violet), which helps us open up spiritually into higher states of awareness.

When all these chakras are balanced they work in harmony together to create an optimal flow of energy throughout our bodies. We can use various techniques such as meditation or yoga in order to unblock any stagnant energy that may be preventing us from reaching our highest potentials! Furthermore, we can also utilize crystals or essential oils on specific areas in order to help stimulate certain chakras if needed – by doing this we will feel more grounded yet energized at the same time – truly allowing us to thrive both mentally & physically!

Different Ways to Raise Our Frequency

Raising your frequency is an essential part of living a balanced and healthy life. There are many different ways to achieve this, from physical activities such as yoga and meditation to energetic practices like Reiki or sound healing. By channeling higher vibrational energy into the body we can begin to heal both mentally and physically. One of the simplest yet effective methods for raising our frequency is through breathwork. Deep breathing helps us connect with our inner being, allowing us to gain insight into how we really feel about ourselves and our lives at any given moment in time. It also has the added bonus of increasing oxygen levels in the body which can help boost energy levels and healing disease!

Another great way to raise your vibration is by practicing gratitude on a daily basis – reminding yourself of all that you have already achieved instead of focusing on what hasn’t been accomplished yet will give you newfound optimism and positivity! Setting intentions each day can also be beneficial as it allows us to focus more deeply on manifesting our desired outcomes in life which will naturally increase our frequency over time too. Finally, embracing laughter and joy while releasing negative thoughts is another powerful tool for lifting up your vibes – watching funny videos or spending quality time with friends who make you laugh are some easy ways to do this quickly!

Protecting Against Negative Energy

Protecting against negative energy is essential for living a healthy, balanced life. Negative energy can be present in our environment, from people we interact with or even within ourselves. It can manifest itself as fear, doubt and worry – all of which can have a detrimental effect on our mental health and overall wellbeing. Fortunately there are various methods we can use to protect ourselves from these harmful energies!

One way to do this is by using crystals such as black tourmaline or shungite – both of which are known for their protective properties. Placing them around your home will help create an energetic barrier that stops any unwanted vibrations entering your space. Visualizing yourself encased in a bubble of white light before going out into the world is also effective at shielding you from external influences too. Additionally smudging rituals like burning sage or sweetgrass have been used for centuries in many cultures - the smoke helps clear away any stale energies so that only positive vibes remain afterwards! Finally affirmations & mantras work wonders when it comes to protecting against negative energy – repeating mantras aloud helps us focus on more uplifting thoughts which automatically creates an energetic shield around us!

High Frequency & the Positive Effects on Our Immune System, Happiness and Beauty

High frequency is an incredibly powerful tool for raising our vibration and improving all aspects of life! When we raise our vibration, it has a positive effect on the immune system and can help ward off any illnesses or viruses. This is because high frequencies promote good health which in turn boosts immunity to disease. It also brings us into a state of wellbeing – by allowing us to connect with our higher selves, we become more mindful and conscious of how every thought, word and action impacts our overall happiness.

Not only does high frequency benefit us mentally but physical beauty is impacted too! As we increase in vibrancy, so do our skin cells – this encourages healthy cellular regeneration which leads to glowing skin that looks brighter & younger over time. Additionally, increased energy levels from being at a higher frequency helps improve muscle tone as well as metabolism rates resulting in improved body composition naturally! Whether you’re looking for mental clarity or physical transformation – harnessing the power of high frequency will surely bring about amazing results if used correctly!

Spiritual Aspect to High Vibes

When we raise our vibration to a higher frequency, it allows us to connect with the spiritual aspect of ourselves. We are able to tap into our intuition and inner knowing which can guide us towards living more meaningful lives. As we move closer to this heightened state, new perspectives on life open up as well as opportunities for personal growth. Our connection with the divine strengthens and brings about feelings of joy, peace and love – all essential attributes for living in harmony with ourselves & others!

Focusing on high vibes also leads us away from fear-based thinking patterns which keeps us stuck in negative cycles that ultimately prevent us from reaching any sort of evolution. Instead we are able to transcend these limitations by channeling energies from outside sources such as nature or music – these provide grounding forces that lift our spirits & aligns them with universal truths making it easier for transformation & healing processes to take place within ourselves! High vibes lead not only lead you towards greater clarity but they allow you access deeper levels of understanding too – allowing your spirit grow ever so powerfully!

Energy is Contagious

Everything in the universe is interconnected and energy is contagious. According to this theory, all forms of energy have a ripple effect that spreads across time and space, affecting everything it passes through. This means we are connected to each other on a deeper level than we may think; our thoughts and emotions can affect those around us without us even knowing! This also applies to larger scale events such as natural disasters or wars – when one part of the world experiences a negative event, it has repercussions throughout the entire globe.

On an individual level however, this theory can be used for great benefit too! If you surround yourself with positive people who radiate good vibes then they will influence your own energetic field & uplift your spirits too! The same goes for manifesting; if you send out strong intentions into the world - whether it’s for love, wealth or success - then these vibrations are likely to attract more positive energies back towards you which will help bring about whatever desired outcome! It's really exciting stuff because ultimately it shows how powerful our mindsets are & gives us control over all aspects of life... if we believe strongly enough then anything is possible!!

The high frequency of energy that can be seen from an aura is associated with bliss, joy, and even beauty – something we all strive for. Taking care to raise our vibration by aligning our Chakras, protecting against negative influences, and creating a spiritual practice helps us live in a higher frequency of energy. This helps create a world where energy is contagious! We become like those whom we associate with – so make sure you surround yourself with positive people and people who vibrate at your level. Let’s continue to work together to achieve higher frequencies of vibes that bring joy, physical health benefits, better relationships and reveal the potential in each one us!

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