What is CORE PLUS?

CORE PLUS credits are additional credits or credits outside of a CORE CREDITS auto-pay membership which you can buy to book an HOC Pilates class. You can buy 10 credits, 25 credits, 50 credits or 75 credits. 

Please note the number of credits needed to book an HOC Pilates class can vary. You’ll typically use between 8 credits to 10 credits per HOC Pilates class though it ranges from 8 credits to 13 credits per HOC Pilates class. 

You’ll need to have enough credits in your account to book an HOC Pilates class. Any unused CORE PLUS credits expire after two months.

If you buy CORE PLUS credits, and you’re enrolled in a CORE CREDITS auto-pay membership, your CORE CREDITS auto-pay membership does not change. CORE PLUS credits are only additional credits to add more credits to your account or for you to buy without a CORE CREDITS auto-pay membership. 

Please note CORE PLUS credits can only be used for HOC Pilates classes. They cannot be used for private training listed under Appointments and/or HEALING HOUSE. If we add a class that is not currently listed on our HOC Pilates class schedule, we’ll announce in Announcements on our app if CORE PLUS credits can be used for that class.

CORE PLUS credits have no cash value or any other value outside of HOC and are not redeemable for cash. CORE PLUS credits do not operate or serve as stored value in any way. You may not transfer, trade, gift and/or otherwise exchange CORE PLUS credits. We have gift cards you can purchase, but CORE PLUS credits cannot be transferred, traded, gifted, and/or otherwise exchanged. HOC gift cards and CORE PLUS credits are not the same thing. Unlike CORE PLUS credits, HOC gift cards never expire. 

You’re always welcome to buy any plans or a CORE CREDITS auto-pay membership (outside of CORE PLUS). All credits and plans are listed on our BUY page in our app and PRICING page on our website. 

Please review all HOUSE rules on our website. Please note all HOUSE rules are subject to change. Please email Paula at if you have any questions.